CMSE Logo22nd Annual Components for Military & Space Electronics Conference & Exhibition

May 7-10th, 2018

Four Points by Sheraton (LAX)
Los Angeles, California

Monday, May 7th – Tutorials

1:00 – 5:00pm

Moisture in Microelectronics…Physics and Chemistry of Volatile Species in Hermetic Devices
Tom Green, TJ Green Associates, LLC & Robert Lowry, Electronics Materials Consultant

Tuesday, May 8th – Tutorials

8:00 – 12:00pm

1:00 – 5:00pm

Passive Components and Integration for Power and RF Modules
P. Markondeya Raj, Georgia Tech – Packaging Research Center

1:00 – 5:00pm

Copper Wirebonding – A Technology Review
Mukul Saran, Texas Instruments

Wednesday, May 9th and Thursday, May 10th – Conference and Exhibits

Keynote Speakers

Role of Standardization in 21st Century Mil-Aero Electronics
Anduin Touw, Boeing

The late 20th Century saw the mil-aerospace industry struggling to find the right balance between the Perry Memo call for industry independence and the need to be able to maintain quality and auditability. Many military and industry standards suffered during that period. Many programs gave up the use of mil standard electronics. read more

Dr. Anduin Touw is a Technical Fellow in Component Engineering and Electronics Reliability at The Boeing Company. She has a MS in Statistics from UCLA and a PhD in Reliability Engineering from University of Maryland. She is chair of the SAE SSTC G12 committee on solid state electronics and SAE G24 committee on Pb-free Risk Mitigation. She led the development of GEIA-STD-0005-2 on tin whisker risk mitigation and has developed standard approaches for managing semiconductor wear out, non-hermetic parts in space applications, use of parametric data for quality evaluation, and other technology insertion activities.

Packaging and Heterogeneous Integration During and Post Moore’s Law Era
Rao R. Tummala, Georgia Institute of Technology

Semiconductor and systems landscape is changing dramatically. Moore’s Law is no longer valid since cost reduction as the next node is introduced with higher transistor density is not possible anymore. In addition, limits are being seen in front end due to high leakage and in the backend due to higher RC delays. read more

Prof. Rao Tummala is a Distinguished and Endowed Chair Professor at Georgia Tech in USA. He is well known as an industrial technologist, technology pioneer, and educator. Prior to joining Georgia Tech, he was Director of Advanced Packaging at IBM and an IBM Fellow, pioneering such major technologies as the industry’s first plasma display and the first and next two generations of 100 chip multi-chip packaging. He is the father of LTCC and System-on-Package (SOP) technologies. As an educator, Prof. Tummala was instrumental in setting up the largest Academic Center funded by NSF as NSF Engineering Research Center in Electronic Systems at Georgia Tech, producing more than 1500 engineers, with an integrated approach to research, education and industry collaborations with companies in US, Europe, Japan, Korea andTaiwan. He has published 800 technical papers and invented many technologies that resulted in over 110 patents, wrote the first modern textbook in packaging, Microelectronics Packaging Handbook(1988); the 1st undergrad textbook, Fundamentals of Microsystem Packaging (2001); and the 1st book introducing the concept of SOP, Introduction to System-on-Package( 2006). He received more than 50 Industry, Academic and Professional Society awards. He is a member of NAE and IEEE Fellow.

2.5-3D Advanced Packaging for Military and Aerospace – Presentations

Highly Integrated RF and Digital Architectures
Lorne Graves, Mercury Systems

iPhone X – Steve Jobs’ iPhone
Dr. Bill Cardoso, Creative Electron

DPA Techniques for Next Generation Packaged Components
Trevor Devaney, Hi-Rel Laboratories

Freebird “Evolution of Rad Hard GaN Power Technologies” Update 2018
Jim Larrauri, Freebird Semiconductor Corporation

Copper Wirebond Technology Panel Discussion – 1 Hour
Session Moderators: Sultan Ali Lilani, Integra Technologies LLC; Jeff Jarvis, US Army AMRDEC, Robert Varner, Troy 7, Inc. and Mukul Saran, Texas Instruments

Applications of MIP Decapsulation in Device Quality Control and Failure Analysis
Jiaqi Tang, JIACO Instruments B.V., the Netherlands

Packaging Technology of Passive Components for Military and High Rel Space Systems – Presentations

A Novel RoHS Compliant K~4000 X7R Dielectric Compatible with 80%Ag/20%Pd Internal Electrodes for High Reliability PME MLCC Applications
Anton V. Polotai, Samir G. Maher, James M. Wilson, Riad G. Maher, MRA Laboratories, Inc.

MIL STD 981 “Space Level or Not?”
Mike Cozzolino, Raytheon Company

COTS Developments in Hi-Rel Applications
Scott Harris, Vanguard Electronics

Root Cause Analysis of SMT RF Inductors, Exhibiting Resonance Failures
Aaron Dermarderosian, Raytheon Company- Space and Airborne Systems

Component Technology Reliability Issues and the Trusted Supply Chain – Presentations

When Will Hydrogen Bring Down Your Components?
Robert Lowry, Electronic Materials Consultant

Tin Whisker Growth from Sn-In-Ag solder
Lyudmyla Panashchenko, NASA

Long Term Storage of EEE-Components for Space Applications
Anastasia Pesce, European Space Agency

Legacy System Sustainment- CCA / Sub-system COTS Counterfeit Inspection & Risk Mitigation
Aaron Dermarderosian, Raytheon Company- Space and Airborne Systems