In this day and age everyone is working remotely and adapting to the times. TJ Green is no different which is why we now offer a variety of microelectronics online courses for engineers to continue to learn and grow. These classes provide all the same high level training as our public microelectronics training courses but from the comfort and convenience of your (home) office.

  1. No travel expense. Budgets can be tight and training can be hard to get approved but not having to add on travel and lodging is a huge plus.
  2. Less down time. Let’s face it. We are ALL busy and losing a day for training and sometimes an additional day for travel is just not practical. With sessions being scheduled over a few days you can still attend to all your important professional and personal responsibilities and still get the microelectronics training you need.
  3. Easy to attend. Sessions are hosted and streamed live using a popular webinar platform which allows for real time question and answers. All class notes are online for you to download at your convenience. You have a full week after class to review any of the session recordings and notes (session recordings are available for review the same day so if you can’t attend you can still keep on track for the next session).
  4. More options. With not having to reserve a space and place so far in advance we are able to continue to add more classes to the schedule which means easier scheduling and more learning for you.