24th Annual Components for Military & Space Electronics Virtual Conference

April 19-23, 2021

The premier event focused on the design, reliability, and application of electronic components for use in avionics, aerospace, military, and commercial space systems.

The Mission:

Deliver a low cost, virtual conference experience focused on high quality technical talks, keynotes and panel discussions that foster maximum attendee participation/interaction and furthers our collective understanding of the technical challenges faced in our industry. Showcase the supplier base to the greatest extend possible. Educate the industry, especially young component engineers, in order to secure the future defense of our country.

The Program:

  • Keynote talks by industry leaders
  • Over 35 technical presentations by industry experts with Q&A
  • Focused panel discussion on topics such as; use of alternate grade parts for mil and space
  • Vender presentations and virtual exhibits
  • Cutting edge tutorials

Still time to submit an abstract for consideration by the CMSE Technical Program Committee.

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General Registration

Virtual Conference (4/20-4/22)

Included in your registration:

  • 3 days of technical presentations with interactive Q&A
  • Live Keynote presentations each day from industry leaders
  • Access to a FREE 3-hour Tutorial on Monday afternoon on component specs, “Overview of Microelectronic Component Specs for Military and Space Electronics” (more tutorials available on Monday and Friday for an additional fee)
  • Recordings of all presentations available for review online for up to 30 days
  • PDF copy of slides for each presentation available for download to each attendee
  • Full registration details for all exhibitors and attendees

Cost: $395

Tutorial Registration Options

VIRTUAL: Thermal Materials and Testing: Key Solutions for Mil/Aerospace Electronics Systems (4/19)

Instructor: Dave Saums, DS&A LLC


A major failure mechanism for electronic systems is inadequate heat dissipation, both from individual components and at the system level. Heat is the single largest cause of failure, with vibration and dust and other environmental factors as examples of other factors. Understand the issues and learn how to mitigate…read more

Cost: $375.00

VIRTUAL: Volatiles Control in Hermetic Electronic Components (4/23)

Instructor: Thomas Green, TJ Green Associates, LLC
Robert Lowry, Electronics Materials Consultant
Andy Hayden, Edale Consulting


This tutorial includes a basic review of the Mil Spec test methods in place to prevent moisture related failures in military and Hi Rel systems where functional component reliability is of utmost importance (e.g. IC’s, Hybrids, MEMS and sensors, Class III Medical, Optoelectronics, etc). The focus is on hermeticity testing per MIL-STD-883 TM 1014 and the latest developments and understanding of RGA (Residual Gas Analysis) per TM 1018. Hydrogen mitigation strategies and methods will also be reviewed…read more

Cost: $375.00

VIRTUAL: Capacitor Reliability Seminar (4/23)

Instructor: Dr. Yuri Freeman, KEMET
Ron Demcko, AVX


The Passive Component Reliability Workshop course will be presented in three sessions covering capacitors, inductors and resistors.

This tutorial will be presented in two sections. The first 90 minutes covers tantalum & electrolytic capacitors presented by Dr. Yuri Freeman. The second half of the session covers a wide range of technologies ranging from ceramic to film, stacked modules and SuperCaps presented by Ron Demcko…read more

Cost: $375.00

Exhibitor Registration Options

Virtual Exhibitor – Premium

Included in your registration:

  • Includes Live vendor presentation at coffee break or over lunch (10 mins) with Q&A
  • Virtual exhibit during live show hours
  • Company listing and exposure for 30 days on CMSE
  • Attendee list with full contact details
  • Included in special promotional emailers and advertisement

Cost: $895

Virtual Exhibitor – Basic

Included in your registration:

  • One attendee pass
  • Includes prerecorded 10 min vendor presentation available for review anytime by attendee
  • Posted link to company home page and exposure during the conference
  • Company listing and exposure for 30 days on CMSE website
  • Attendee list with full contact details
  • Additional advertising opportunities available

Cost: $595

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