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Kyocera AVX Corporation is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of a vast portfolio of advanced electronic components, including: capacitors, inductors, filters, resistors, couplers, diodes, and circuit protection devices, as well as a broad range of innovative sensor, control, interconnect and antenna solutions. With 29 research, design, manufacturing, and customer support facilities in 16 countries around the world, Kyocera AVX offers significant competitive advantages, including delivery and production capabilities optimized to suit each individual customer’s just-in-time inventory requirements, and global engineering teams experienced in developing new-to-market product solutions especially designed to fulfill customer’s unique application requirements.

Kyocera AVX has successfully served the automotive, industrial, medical, military, consumer electronics, communications, and transportation markets for nearly 50 years. Kyocera AVX components can be found in many electronic devices and systems worldwide.

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Located in Spokane, Washington, Hi-Rel Laboratories is an independently owned and operated corporation, whose main concentration of activity is in the materials evaluation of the micro-electronic oriented phases of commercial, aerospace and defense industries.

Hi-Rel is thriving on a strong presence in Space Program component evaluation (DPA) and a blend of largely commercial materials and electronic failure analysis. Because of our strength and emphasis in materials evaluation of electronic materials, coupled with a commitment to being highly cost effective, Hi-Rel has established itself as the leader in the DPA testing market. With the current reductions in the availability of class S product and the transition to QML and COTS components, Hi-Rel foresees an increased demand for cost effective and informative DPA and Construction Analysis (CA) testing. Hi-Rel is positioned to assist this need as technology advances.

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SMART Microsystems is excited to reside in America’s Silicon Heartland as the Midwest region of the US is now poised to create the next international semiconductor boom. As part of the semiconductor supply chain, SMART Microsystems provides services for microelectronic sub-assembly manufacturing. In addition to process development expertise, SMART Microsystems has in-house Test & Inspection capabilities making it a comprehensive resource for the development and manufacture of the next generation of products that require microelectronic sub-assemblies.

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The EPCI European Passive Components Institute provides educational and information platform for passive electronic components. Passive component news including category newsletters, WHO is WHO in passives, upcoming events and more can be found on Passive Components Blog website EPCI has established bi-annual PCNS passive components networking symposium hosted by an European university and also EPCI Academy on passive components featuring industry e-learning courses

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COTS Journal is a technology-in-context magazine that looks at embedded technology any-where it exists. Our editors assess the applicability of the world’s best embedded research and standards, methodologies and products for government, military and aerospace applications. We offer FREE subscriptions for qualified subscribers.

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MEPTEC (Microelectronics Packaging and Test Engineering Council) is a trade
association whose members consist of semiconductor suppliers, manufacturers and individuals committed to enhancing the competitiveness of the back-end portion of the semiconductor business. MEPTEC continuously strives to improve and elevate the roles of assembly and test professionals in the industry.

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Since 2015, our mission is delivering the highest performance hermetic package sealing. New product development, prototyping or production line down resolution, MCL’s hermetic packaging services have you covered. Our class 10 cleanroom provides ultra-clean processing, from incoming inspection through hermetic cover seal. We fabricate tooling and capabilities including automated optical and digital microscopes, X-Ray, SEM with EDS, sample preparation including an ion mill, Seam Weld and Seam AuSn Hermetic Cover sealers in automated glovebox systems with deep vacuum bake, automated gross and fine leak testing, mechanical testing, internal vapor analysis.

MCL’s technical staff includes team members with 35 years + of hermetic cover sealing; metallurgist; semiconductor processing and manufacturing; MCL is fortunate to be located in the Brandywine River Valley of Pennsylvania which is abundant in human capital and suppliers.

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RTC magazine spotlights trends and breakthroughs in the design, development and technology of industrial-grade embedded and IoT systems. The publication offers broad based technical, product and market-coverage of the embedded computing arena to technical decision makers. With strong market analysis and technical content, RTC is the magazine engineers and managers rely on for timely coverage of this expanding industry. We offer FREE subscriptions for qualified subscribers.

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HOW2POWER.COM. • A free power electronics website for engineers. Great source of practical power design information. How2Power’s new Space Power section includes rad hard power component news, supplier information, power design articles, and space industry events.

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MEMS Journal is the largest MEMS publication worldwide. We cover the most notable MEMS news and developments to ensure that our subscribers explore and take advantage of the latest business development, commercialization and partnership opportunities. We were founded in 2003, currently have 34,800+ subscribers worldwide and attract top-level executives, engineers and researchers who are active participants in the MEMS community. For inquiries, please email us at

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TAP TIMES is a digital magazine published by La Plume de Ma Tante Publishing Co. of Manteca, California (60 miles east of San Jose). Ron Iscoff is editor and publisher.

Ron has been involved with the semiconductor backend (assembly/packaging and test) for more than a quarter century. He was a trade/technical journalist for Electronic News, for Cahner’s Publishing Company’s Electronic Packaging & Production and SEMICONDUCTOR International. In addition, he has been a contributing editor to Infosystems, Lasers & Optronics and the CAE Report newsletter.

He was also the founding editor and publisher of Chip Scale Review, MicroConnections,. With the closure of MicroConnections in January 2010, he started Test, Assembly & Packaging TIMES (TAP TIMES)

The mission of TAP TIMES is to keep our readers up-to-date on the latest news, technologies and products in device assembly, packaging and test.

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SatNow was launched in 2022 and is dedicated to the Satellite and Space Industry. We provide the latest news, interesting white papers, technical articles and an innovative product search tool.

The product search tool is the first of its kind and helps engineers find products across various categories in three areas:

Satellite: These are components that can be used in satellites. They are space qualified or can be tested on request.

Ground: These are products that can be used in Ground Stations.

Launch: These are products that are used in the launch stations for satellites.

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TopLine provides unique solutions to convert solder ball FPGA and ASIC BGA components to solder columns (CCGA) for extending operational life in data centers and for Small Sat space missions.

TopLine manufactures a wide range of solder columns as well as precision graphite tooling to attach columns to ceramic and organic packages.

Column Grid Arrays are more reliable in rugged environments than BGA. CCGA conversion reduces board real estate with an added benefit to lower total payload size and weight by eliminating BGA sockets.

Columns are great to reduce stress and mitigate delamination issues for critical large geometry CMOS sensor package applications.

TopLine has supports aerospace and defense companies to solve difficult CTE mismatch problems using daisy chain components for data collection.

We also have solutions for mitigating extreme random vibration with our series of COTS particle impact dampers (PID). Call us today to discuss your R&D projects.

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Microwave Journal is a technical publication and part of Horizon House Publications based in Norwood, Massachusetts, and London, England. Horizon House Publications comprises Microwave Journal, Signal Integrity Journal, Artech House Books and the IoT M2M Council. Horizon House organizes the exhibitions at the European Microwave Week conference and the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, as well as producing the EDI CON Online and EDI CON China conferences. Microwave Journal began publishing in 1958 and remains the most comprehensive multi-media source for technical, market and industry news. In addition to the monthly magazine, Microwave Journal produces webinars, the Frequency Matters video series and podcasts and administers the largest RF/microwave LinkedIn community.

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EMC Directory is the leading website for the EMC Testing Industry. We have created the most comprehensive online directory of EMC Testing labs and made them searchable by location and capability. We have also listed listed EMC Testing Equipment from the leading manufacturers under over 40 categories and made them searchable by specification.

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Integra Technologies has the vision to be the United States’ dominate producer and provider of semiconductors and semiconductor services. We deliver on our values of integrity, innovation and inclusion.

We are a global leader in sourcing, ic packaging, semiconductor testing, wafer dies, flip chip bonding and packaging. Our work focuses on highly specialized, mission-critical semiconductor components and related value-added services for high-reliability (Hi-Rel) applications where dependability and failure-free performance are of paramount importance.

Integra provides a span of in-house services and capabilities to support a broad variety of Hi-Rel components throughout the entire value-added life-cycle – from prototyping, through testing, and ultimately to volume production. More specifically, Integra specializes in semiconductor die prep, packaging, assembly, test, reliability qualification, DPA and FA service for high-reliability applications.

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everything RF keeps users up to date with the RF & Microwave Industry. We provide the latest industry news, information on new product releases, white papers, and technical articles. We also have the largest RF & Microwave product database on the internet which consists of product catalogs from over 1,000 Manufacturers. Users can narrow down on products using a specially designed parametric search tool.

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AEM is the sole QPL listed manufacturer of solid body, current limiting fuses produced using a thick film technique for the aerospace industry. Our fuses have been chosen by most major space programs and have been in orbit for the past 30-plus years with zero reported failures.

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From the invention of the rack-and-panel and D-sub connectors to the latest miniaturized products, ITT Cannon provides innovative interconnect solutions to customers around the world. From our global manufacturing locations, we serve a wide range of markets, including commercial aviation, defense, energy, industrial, medical, oil & gas, transportation, and space.

The experts at ITT Cannon partner every day with customers from diverse industries to solve their most complex interconnect problems, from mission critical systems worn by soldiers to connectors for electric vehicles charging stations. Our interconnect solutions stream data through communication satellites, provide expectant parents a first look at their unborn child, and provide timely information to aircraft pilots. From handheld devices requiring customized micro connectors to the harsh environment demands of industrial automation, we pride ourselves on having the connectors and interconnects that our customers require.

Our product portfolio includes over a million configurations, including specialized connectors that meet stringent military specifications, to diverse, sustainable plating options, and the latest industry-specific standards. Whether you need ruggedized yet lightweight harsh environment connectors for off-road vehicles or high-reliability interconnects for use in rockets, ITT Cannon either has what you need, or our team will design it with you.

For high-density applications needing a miniaturized interconnect, we have the MKJ mini-circular connectors as well as Micro and Nano product lines. When high levels of vibration are involved, our CA Bayonet connectors are just one example of a reliable solution. Our wide range of ARINC Rack and Panel connectors are used for avionics worldwide, while our high-density Combo D-Sub interconnect options provide the level of performance needed for applications ranging from ventilators to radar systems. ITT Cannon also provides customized solutions and assemblies for cables and pylons.

ITT Cannon products are synonymous with innovation, reliability and quality, and our customers depend on us for highly engineered critical components and customized technology solutions. Our tradition of working together to uphold our standard of excellence worldwide has enabled us to consistently demonstrate global responsiveness.

Leveraging over 100 years of experience, we know amazing things happen when great things connect.

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Vishay manufactures one of the world’s largest portfolios of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components that are essential to innovative designs in the automotive, industrial, computing, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, and medical markets. Serving customers worldwide, Vishay is The DNA of tech.™

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As a division of Knowles Corporation, Knowles Precision Devices (KPD), focuses on production of a wide variety of highly engineered Capacitors and Microwave to Millimeter Wave components for use in critical applications in military, medical, electric vehicle, and 5G market segments. Radar, pacemakers, MRI equipment, satellites, airplanes, electric vehicles and mobile phone base stations are just a few of the places you will find our products. Our products can be found in every corner of the world, from 8000ft below the earth’s surface to orbiting 254 miles above us on the ISS.

We are a Specialty Components manufacturer, which means we choose to take on the complex challenges that come with High Reliability, High Temperature, High Performance and High Frequency solutions. This is built on our commitment to innovation, whether it be our ongoing creativity in manufacturing high performance multi-layer ceramic capacitors, or our unique ceramic formulations that allow us to provide the highest performance-for-footprint mmWave filters available