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Kyocera AVX Corporation is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of a vast portfolio of advanced electronic components, including: capacitors, inductors, filters, resistors, couplers, diodes, and circuit protection devices, as well as a broad range of innovative sensor, control, interconnect and antenna solutions. With 29 research, design, manufacturing, and customer support facilities in 16 countries around the world, Kyocera AVX offers significant competitive advantages, including delivery and production capabilities optimized to suit each individual customer’s just-in-time inventory requirements, and global engineering teams experienced in developing new-to-market product solutions especially designed to fulfill customer’s unique application requirements.

Kyocera AVX has successfully served the automotive, industrial, medical, military, consumer electronics, communications, and transportation markets for nearly 50 years. Kyocera AVX components can be found in many electronic devices and systems worldwide.

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Located in Spokane, Washington, Hi-Rel Laboratories is an independently owned and operated corporation, whose main concentration of activity is in the materials evaluation of the micro-electronic oriented phases of commercial, aerospace and defense industries.

Hi-Rel is thriving on a strong presence in Space Program component evaluation (DPA) and a blend of largely commercial materials and electronic failure analysis. Because of our strength and emphasis in materials evaluation of electronic materials, coupled with a commitment to being highly cost effective, Hi-Rel has established itself as the leader in the DPA testing market. With the current reductions in the availability of class S product and the transition to QML and COTS components, Hi-Rel foresees an increased demand for cost effective and informative DPA and Construction Analysis (CA) testing. Hi-Rel is positioned to assist this need as technology advances.

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Founded in 1977, YAGEO Corporation is a leading global electronic component company with capabilities on a global scale, including production and sales facilities in Asia, Europe and the Americas. The corporation provides one-stop-shopping, offering its complete product portfolio of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, relays, antennas, wireless components and Circuit protection components to meet the diverse requirements of customers.

YAGEO currently ranks as the world No.1 in chip-resistors, No.1 in tantalum capacitor and No.3 in MLCCs and Inductors, with strong global presence – 29 sales offices, 49 Manufacturing sites, 20 R&D centers in 24 nations and 40,000 employees worldwidely.

YAGEO’s broad product offerings are targeting at key vertical markets, including applications for aerospace, automotive, 5G & telecommunications, industrial, medical, IoT, power management, green power, computer peripherals and consumer electronics.

YAGEO serves diversified leading global customers, such as EMS, ODM, OEM and distributors. The company is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange since October 1993.

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Presidio Components, Inc., has been an industry leader in the manufacture of ceramic capacitors since 1980. We provide high quality commercial capacitors, military capacitors, space capacitors, high temperature capacitors, pulse energy capacitors, microwave capacitors, RF capacitors, as well as custom capacitors.

Our custom products include nonstandard part sizes and voltages, including high voltage, high temperature, high “Q”, custom leads, cryogenic ceramics, negative and positive temperature characteristic ceramics and piezoelectric formulations. We have a series of patented microwave and radio frequency products including patented single layer and broadband DC blocking caps.

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Payton is an international group of companies handling and promoting magnetic components, with sales offices and plants in Israel, Europe, United States and the Far East. As a global leader of both conventional and planar transformers, with more than 25 years of research and development experience, Payton offers a wide range of custom designed products that meet all the requirements and standards for a variety of specific product applications.

Our unique patented technology used in designing planar magnetics (Planetics®) will reduce the size and weight of present transformer by up to 80%, while increasing the product efficiency and its power density. Payton developed a proven winning technology that is evident in the superior quality of its conventional and planar transformers. This technological breakthrough is continuously enhanced by our devotion to further research and development that will enable Payton to meet and exceed customer’s expectations.

Payton is already ISO 9001 certified and on May 2002 received the certification for ISO 14001.

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As a registered Woman-owned, small business, franchised distributor and manufacturer, Eastern States Components, LLC (DBA; ESC or ES Components) is your best choice for Military, Space, and Industrial Discrete and Passive components. As a certified manufacturer, ESC provides DMSMS and OBSOLESCENCE solutions using standard and custom hermetic packaging and the world’s largest inventory of legacy semiconductor die, including material from the 1970’s from our partnership with Elmo Semiconductor, inventory acquired from Vishay Siliconix in 2017 and inventory from our franchised suppliers.

ESC continues to provide bare-die solutions and value-added services, such as SLDC sorting and traceability, Tin/Lead (SnPb) lead finish, COTS Up-screening, and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services.

Our certifications include 38535 QML, QSLD, ITAR, ISO9001, AS9120 and AS6081, with QTSL certification pending.

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TopLine provides unique solutions to convert solder ball FPGA and ASIC BGA components to solder columns (CCGA) for extending operational life in data centers and for Small Sat space missions.

TopLine manufactures a wide range of solder columns as well as precision graphite tooling to attach columns to ceramic and organic packages.

Column Grid Arrays are more reliable in rugged environments than BGA. CCGA conversion reduces board real estate with an added benefit to lower total payload size and weight by eliminating BGA sockets.

Columns are great to reduce stress and mitigate delamination issues for critical large geometry CMOS sensor package applications.

TopLine has supports aerospace and defense companies to solve difficult CTE mismatch problems using daisy chain components for data collection.

We also have solutions for mitigating extreme random vibration with our series of COTS particle impact dampers (PID).
Call us today to discuss your R&D projects.

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StratEdge is a privately held company with worldwide headquarters in Santee, California, USA. Design, manufacturing, test, and assembly are located in the Santee Division’s ISO 9001:2015 facility. StratEdge high performance semiconductor packages operate from DC to 63+ GHz for the high speed digital (OC-48, OC-192, OC-768), mixed signal, broadband wireless, satellite, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint, VSAT, and test and measurement industries.

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Linear Systems’ semiconductors are the best in the industry and our goal is to enable our customers to build world-class products based upon our parts.

Linear Systems specializes in the development and manufacture of precision, ultra-low-noise small-signal discrete components. Its parts are used in highly demanding sensor systems ranging from U.S. Navy underwater listening to studio reference amplifiers, microphones, high-end test and measurement, medical and space optical applications.

Linear Systems is a full-service, privately held, 35-year-old designer and manufacturer of small-signal discrete semiconductors. The Fremont, CA-based company was founded by John H. Hall, co-founder of Intersil and founder of Micro Power Systems. The company fabricates wafers at three Silicon Valley foundries and has millions of parts in stock.

Whether you have a new or existing design, Linear Systems can provide the discrete component(s) to best fit your application.

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XTREME Semiconductor is a “solutions” company for all of your semiconductor product requirements.   Using our vast network of World-Wide Supply Partners, both domestic and international, XTREME is able to source inventory supporting critical Device shortages, locate obsolete and trailing edge technology product or re-manufacture many obsolete semiconductor products using domestic and Off-Shore manufacturing capabilities.   As a MIL-PRF-38535 QML certified” manufacturer, XTREME is able to provide complete turnkey re-manufacturing of most military, industrial and commercial grade components. XTREME has access to more than 80,000,000 die of older 5V technology product in our inventory to support assembly of many now obsolete products plus access to millions of dice located with our supply partners we work with, adding to our capabilities.

Our newest solution in the fight against product obsolescence is our “Chip Recovery (ChiPR) Product”.  This new technology virtually eliminates product obsolescence.   Our product obsolescence solutions provide cost effect alternatives for managing of critical microelectronics for support of legacy systems eliminating the high cost of product redesign.

As an industry leader in Counterfeit Product Detection & Avoidance, XTREME Semiconductor also offers our customers Certified EOL Product providing you with peace of mind and assurance that you receive only authentic OCM material.

XTREME Semiconductor’s unique capabilities and service expertise provides in many cases the only solution for companies facing critical product shortages due market conditions and obsolescence.  A “life line” is perhaps the best explanation as to how we fit into the supply chain model for many companies.


Please visit our booth while attending the CMSE Conference to learn more about how XTREME Semiconductor can assist you.

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Oneida Research Services® (ORS) offers specialized laboratory testing services to support the microelectronics, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, medical, and defense industries. Our services focus on research, development and quality control of our client’s products: exclusively for our client. ORS strives to develop long term relationships with our clients through unwavering professionalism, flexibility and attention to detail.

Throughout its almost 40 years of providing materials analysis services to the electronics industry, ORS has established on-going working relationships with experts in the field of applied analytical chemistry, materials/processing technology, quality systems, and component reliability. ORS and its industry experts have a wealth of experience in applying laboratory technology to solve your materials/processing, reliability, or process yield problems. We are available to consult with you, at your facility whenever appropriate, to provide technical expertise on a wide range of materials and process technology issues.

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Defining & Delivering the Future of Mission-Critical Electronics.

Quantic brings together the industry’s most distinguished electronics and manufacturing experts, in an elite portfolio of complementary design, engineering and manufacturing businesses. Our teams collaborate closely with customers, consulting engineer-to-engineer, on the most mission-critical applications in RF & Microwave, power, sensing and magnetics.

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As a division of Knowles Corporation, Knowles Precision Devices (KPD), focuses on production of a wide variety of highly engineered Capacitors and Microwave to Millimeter Wave components for use in critical applications in military, medical, electric vehicle, and 5G market segments. Radar, pacemakers, MRI equipment, satellites, airplanes, electric vehicles and mobile phone base stations are just a few of the places you will find our products. Our products can be found in every corner of the world, from 8000ft below the earth’s surface to orbiting 254 miles above us on the ISS.

We are a Specialty Components manufacturer, which means we choose to take on the complex challenges that come with High Reliability, High Temperature, High Performance and High Frequency solutions. This is built on our commitment to innovation, whether it be our ongoing creativity in manufacturing high performance multi-layer ceramic capacitors, or our unique ceramic formulations that allow us to provide the highest performance-for-footprint mmWave filters available

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Since 1974, Central Semiconductor has manufactured innovative discrete semiconductors to meet designers’​ ever-changing requirements. Our business is the pursuit of perfection in the devices we manufacture and the services we provide, all the time, every time. Central’s average lead time is consistently lower than industry standards.

As an ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturer, Central constantly monitors its manufacturing processes and business practices to achieve perfect quality products and outstanding service; devices are RoHS2 and REACH compliant with quality data readily available from our website.

Central Semiconductor aspires to be the preferred manufacturer of the most innovative discrete semiconductors in the industry, and our team is passionate about exceeding your expectations. We pride ourselves on working tirelessly to solve customers’​ challenges and we relentlessly endeavor to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

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Exxelia is a designer and manufacturer of high reliability passive components and precision subsystems adapted to demanding end-markets, applications and functions.

Exxelia product portfolio includes capacitors, inductors & transformers, resistors, filters, position sensors, slip rings and high-precision mechanical parts. Products are commonly used for power electronics, power generation, energy storage, and signal filtering functions in leading industrial areas such as aviation, defense, space, medical, railway, oil & gas and telecommunications.

Exxelia is valued for its ability to meet complex specifications and develop standard and custom products complying with the demanding qualification procedures intended to critical functions (MIL, QPL,…).

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You may remember us as Quik-Pak, founded in 1992 and acquired by Promex Industries in 2015. Today, QP Technologies is a leading provider of microelectronic packaging and assembly, wafer preparation, and substrate design and development services. We leverage proven technologies developed by our skilled staff, and we work closely with you to get your products to market quickly, with the highest quality and in low or high volumes.

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Samtec is a privately held, $1 Billion (USD) global manufacturer of a broad line of electronic interconnect solutions, including High-Speed Board-to-Board, High-Speed Cables, Rugged, Power, RF, Board-to-Board and Cable-to-Board Systems.

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Integra Technologies has the vision to be the United States’ dominate producer and provider of semiconductors and semiconductor services. We deliver on our values of integrity, innovation and inclusion.

We are a global leader in sourcing, ic packaging, semiconductor testing, wafer dies, flip chip bonding and packaging. Our work focuses on highly specialized, mission-critical semiconductor components and related value-added services for high-reliability (Hi-Rel) applications where dependability and failure-free performance are of paramount importance.

Integra provides a span of in-house services and capabilities to support a broad variety of Hi-Rel components throughout the entire value-added life-cycle – from prototyping, through testing, and ultimately to volume production. More specifically, Integra specializes in semiconductor die prep, packaging, assembly, test, reliability qualification, DPA and FA service for high-reliability applications.

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From the invention of the rack-and-panel and D-sub connectors to the latest miniaturized products, ITT Cannon provides innovative interconnect solutions to customers around the world. From our global manufacturing locations, we serve a wide range of markets, including commercial aviation, defense, energy, industrial, medical, oil & gas, transportation, and space.

The experts at ITT Cannon partner every day with customers from diverse industries to solve their most complex interconnect problems, from mission critical systems worn by soldiers to connectors for electric vehicles charging stations. Our interconnect solutions stream data through communication satellites, provide expectant parents a first look at their unborn child, and provide timely information to aircraft pilots. From handheld devices requiring customized micro connectors to the harsh environment demands of industrial automation, we pride ourselves on having the connectors and interconnects that our customers require.

Our product portfolio includes over a million configurations, including specialized connectors that meet stringent military specifications, to diverse, sustainable plating options, and the latest industry-specific standards. Whether you need ruggedized yet lightweight harsh environment connectors for off-road vehicles or high-reliability interconnects for use in rockets, ITT Cannon either has what you need, or our team will design it with you.

For high-density applications needing a miniaturized interconnect, we have the MKJ mini-circular connectors as well as Micro and Nano product lines. When high levels of vibration are involved, our CA Bayonet connectors are just one example of a reliable solution. Our wide range of ARINC Rack and Panel connectors are used for avionics worldwide, while our high-density Combo D-Sub interconnect options provide the level of performance needed for applications ranging from ventilators to radar systems. ITT Cannon also provides customized solutions and assemblies for cables and pylons.

ITT Cannon products are synonymous with innovation, reliability and quality, and our customers depend on us for highly engineered critical components and customized technology solutions. Our tradition of working together to uphold our standard of excellence worldwide has enabled us to consistently demonstrate global responsiveness.

Leveraging over 100 years of experience, we know amazing things happen when great things connect.

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Q-Tech Corporation was founded in 1972 with the objective of providing state-of-the-art crystal clock oscillators and frequency control solutions for companies with demanding applications. The Company is built on the philosophy that products built from leading edge oscillator technology, with a dedication to quality, on-time delivery, and customer service, would be of great benefit to our customers and their needs.

Operating out of a 30,000 square-foot facility in Cypress, California, USA, Q-Tech is Registered to AS9100 Rev D with ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems by NSF-ISR. The Company maintains a global presence with sales capabilities throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Q-Tech is renowned for its cutting-edge design and manufacturing capabilities in both bulk acoustic wave (BAW) and surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices. Its continued dedication to research and development of key frequency control technologies have allowed improvements in the areas of higher frequencies, miniaturization, lower costs, and new designs.

As the leading U.S. manufacturer of qualified products to MIL-PRF-55310 as well as ultra-high reliability standards such as Aerospace Corporation TOR (GPS III) and NASA GSFC specifications, Q-Tech proudly services the military, aerospace, down-hole, and deep space industries, achieving boundless success stories in our four decades of partnership with our customers. Parts designed and manufactured by Q-Tech have excelled in environments ranging from kilometers below the Earth’s crust, to deep space missions far beyond the Solar System.

Q-Tech is committed to continuous improvement in achieving overall product excellence by optimizing the company’s capabilities and resources including total supply chain management.

Q-Tech Corporation fully supports legacy programs. No product has ever been obsoleted. We welcome your inquiries and you might find that we either have a drop in replacement product, a suitable substitute, or the ability to recreate the product you need.

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Trendsetter Electronics, established in 1995 and based in Georgetown, Texas, is a reputable distributor of electronic components. Our commitment goes beyond simply delivering parts; we are dedicated to problem-solving. As an AS9100 & ISO9001:2015 certified, woman-owned enterprise, we take immense pride in our team. Collaboratively, we strive to discover tailored solutions for your requirements. By comprehending your challenges and familiarizing ourselves with your business, we offer exceptional technical support, customer-centric service, and supply chain management that consistently surpasses expectations.

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Datatronics, established in 1971, is a global leader in custom magnetics technologies, offering world class manufacturing, total quality management, responsive service and superior value. Our custom magnetics design, service and manufacturing facilities are located worldwide to support our customers.

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Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Fremont California, Golden Altos Corporation (GAC) is a fast-paced full-service provider serving the semiconductor, military, aerospace industry as well as specialized commercial applications with quality service building both single chip and multichip modules.

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Our mission is to provide an exceptional level of service that is mutually beneficial to our customers and principals. We at SSI understand the importance of communication and strive to provide a smooth channel of correspondence that ensures a productive and supportive link to facilitate the flow of business. At SSI, all of our efforts are focused towards building strong, long term relationships between ourselves, the customer, and the principal.

SSI’s product line includes industry leading consumable products and equipment for the packaging, testing, and reliability areas of the Semiconductor, Aerospace, and Hybrid industries. SSI takes great care in selecting our partners and are proud to offer products from these companies.

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NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, is home to the nation’s largest organization of scientists, engineers and technologists who build spacecraft, instruments and new technology to study Earth, the sun, our solar system and the universe.

Just outside Washington, Goddard is home to Hubble operations and a proving ground for the recently launched James Webb Space Telescope. Goddard manages communications between mission control and orbiting astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Goddard scientists stare into the Sun, grind up meteorites for signs of life’s building blocks, look into the farthest reaches of space, and untangle the mysteries of our own changing world. Goddard engineers construct sensitive instruments, build telescopes that peer into the cosmos, and operate the test chambers that ensure those satellites’ survival. Named for American rocketry pioneer Dr. Robert H. Goddard, the center was established May 1, 1959, as NASA’s first space flight complex. Goddard and its several installations are critical in carrying out NASA’s missions of space exploration and scientific discovery.

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Vishay manufactures one of the world’s largest portfolios of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components that are essential to innovative designs in the automotive, industrial, computing, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, and medical markets. Serving customers worldwide, Vishay is The DNA of tech.™

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We are over 2000 employees, working together in multiple locations worldwide to give manufacturers and airlines one integrated source for sensing, power, braking, electronics and more. We deliver innovative design and manufacturing engineering capabilities for rugged commercial aviation, defense and space applications.

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This company may be new, but we’re not newcomers to the high reliability RF/Microwave industry.

The founders have over 100 man-years of experience designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing and providing innovative solutions to the industry. The founders have successfully designed and managed multi-million dollar technical projects from concept to completion for commercial, telecom, military, and space applications.

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TJ Green Associates is uniquely qualified in all aspects of microelectronic device assembly, materials/process development, failure analysis, inspection, and defect recognition. We provide microelectronics training and microelectronics consulting services that will enable you to identify problems before they happen and determine the appropriate cause and corrective actions in order to maximize production yield and eliminate field failures in mission critical applications. A veteran-owned small business, TJ Green Associates provides teaching and consulting services to companies around the world with expertise in hermeticity, materials and processes used to assemble hybrid microcircuits, multichip modules, microwave hybrids, RF/MMIC modules, MEMS, Class III medical implants, optoelectronics, and other types of packaged microcircuits.

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GM Systems is a global management and technology leader focused on delivering innovative, customized advanced electronic systems, semiconductor components, and RF solutions to a global customer base of leading OEMs seeking high-performance, market-driven technologies.



Beyond our portfolio of high-performance, enabling technologies, our tagline embodies the spirit of GM Systems


At GM Systems, we collaborate with our customers in collaborative engineer-to-engineer relationships. Our engineers are involved early in product design cycles, helping our customers to accelerate their new product introductions.


With our broad applications expertise and innovative technology solutions, we facilitate a diverse set of applications including commercial, industrial, defense and space applications.


Our customized, market-driven solutions for each of our OEM customers’ unique system requirements—coupled with a passion for excellence in all aspects of product performance, quality, reliability, delivery, cost and service—insure that our OEM customers will succeed in their end-markets and applications.

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NETSOL is a fabless IC design and marketing company established in 2010.

We are leading the world in the next generation memory solutions, particularly in STT-MRAM. Our headquarter is located in Gyeonggi-do, Korea.

Armed with strong development capabilities, we provide customized/optimized memory solutions to a wide range of applications. Leveraging the expertise in designing low cost, small size, and low power consumption memory solutions, our products are widely applied in industrial automation, network system, medical, gaming, enterprise data center and IoT devices.

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Founded in 1995, ERAI, Inc. is a global information services organization that monitors, investigates, and reports issues affecting the global electronics supply chain. As the industry’s leading source of risk assessment tools, ERAI provides exclusive services and in-depth information that enable its members to perform industry-specific risk mitigation on suspect counterfeit, high-risk, and non-conforming parts and identify problematic suppliers and customers. Our members include aerospace, defense, medical, nuclear and commercial OEMs, CMs, OCMs, distributors, government agencies, industry associations and other organizations serving the industry.

Among ERAI’s host of risk assessment tools is the world’s largest database of suspect counterfeit and nonconforming electronic parts. This tool, alone, has fully changed the way in which sectors of the supply chain research, track, identify, purchase and sell material. It allows members to better mitigate risks in their procurement process, especially when dealing with end-of-life or obsolete parts. Additionally, ERAI has partnered to create InterCEPT, a web-based training program designed exclusively for the unique needs of the electronics industry, to tackle the challenges posed by counterfeit electronic parts by providing training for an organization’s employees. With a primary focus on counterfeit mitigation, InterCEPT classes feature a wide-range of topics from introducing employees to the complex supply chain, discussing government responses and regulations, and deep-dives into different counterfeit detection test methods.

ERAI’s website and full line of tools and services have been assisting buyers and sellers from all sectors of the supply chain in preventing loss by minimizing risk in the material purchasing and selling processes. The main objective of the organization’s insights and knowledge is to help prevent issues before they occur – and ERAI’s offerings do just that. Furthermore, our services help eliminate the threats of financial loss and/or risk to a company’s reputation.

ERAI also stays on the pulse of changing laws and regulations, industry trends and evolving counterfeiter tactics. We share this knowledge and expertise through our website, social media, educational outreach, training and networking. Actively involved in numerous industry committees and task forces, the organization brings together the industry’s best practices in risk mitigation, supplier selection and order screening, and has a full understanding and empathy of the challenges that face the core segments of this industry.

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Advanced Thermal Management Materials manufacture. Heat Spreaders, Carriers, Submounts, Shims, Heat Sinks, Flanges… Silver Diamond, Copper Diamond, CVD Diamond, Single Crystal Diamond.  Copper Moly & Copper Tungsten, CPC Laminates.  AlN, AlSiC, Magnesium Silicon Carbide… We manufacture materials, machine, and plate in-house for total quality control.  Sumitomo and sister division ALMT has been manufacturing the highest of quality and reliable materials since 1939, and we will support you very well.

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AEM is the sole QPL listed manufacturer of solid body, current limiting fuses produced using a thick film technique for the aerospace industry. Our fuses have been chosen by most major space programs and have been in orbit for the past 30-plus years with zero reported failures. 


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TJ Green Associates is uniquely qualified in all aspects of microelectronic device assembly, materials/process development, failure analysis, inspection, and defect recognition. We provide microelectronics training and microelectronics consulting services that will enable you to identify problems before they happen and determine the appropriate cause and corrective actions in order to maximize production yield and eliminate field failures in mission critical applications. A veteran-owned small business, TJ Green Associates provides teaching and consulting services to companies around the world with expertise in hermeticity, materials and processes used to assemble hybrid microcircuits, multichip modules, microwave hybrids, RF/MMIC modules, MEMS, Class III medical implants, optoelectronics, and other types of packaged microcircuits.

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Our 21st century, state-of-the-art equipment, combined with our expertise in refining technology gives us the unique ability to customize a recovery solution that is right for you. This proven, individualized approach to each refining lot consistently yields the maximum returns for our customers.