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September 29, 2016
Minnowbrook 2017 “Moisture In Microelectronics”
June 6, 2017

Hermeticity Evaluation Testing

Problem Statement:

Leak testing per Mil-Std-883 only provides a single, one-time room ambient check of the integrity of the hermetic seal. The reality is, for most packages, the leak rate changes with time based on temperature, pressure, and ambient humidity conditions. Often times perfectly good packages are scrapped, while other times apparently good packages are released into the field only to fail catastrophically due to excessive amounts of moisture.

The Solution:

Mount a miniaturized microelectronic sensor inside the package and monitor real time moisture ingress as a function of changing external ambient conditions. Use this data to determine the right amount of moisture protection for your product and end-use moisture environment. Develop real life models to predict moisture content as a function of time.


Moisture Sensors (3mm X 1mm X .05mm)


Hermeticity Test Setup

How It Works:

  • Send us your packages for sensor integration and instrumentation.
  • We’ll return to you for bake out and seal.
  • Sealed packages are then exposed to humidity at Silicon Cert Labs.
  • Generate a professional test report with graphics of Moisture Ingress vs. Time.


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