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24th Annual Components for Military & Space Electronics Virtual Conference

April 19-23, 2021

CMSE Conference Agenda and Program Information

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  • Tutorial 1


  • Tutorial 2



  • Keynote #1


    Brian Hardt - Aerospace Corp.

  • Tech Session 1A


  • Application Notes


  • Alternate Grade Parts Panel


  • Student Session


  • Application Notes


  • Tech Session 1B



  • Keynote #2


    Dr. “Jonny” - Pellish NASA

  • Tech Session 2A


  • Invited Speaker


  • GaN Panel


  • Student Session


  • Application Notes


  • Tech Session 2B



  • European Session


  • Keynote #3


    Dr. Navid Asadi - Univ. of Florida

  • Tech Session 3B


  • Application Notes


  • Tech Session 3C


  • Student Session/Interactive Panel



  • Tutorial 3


  • Tutorial 4


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Tutorial #1 (1030-1400)

Thermal Materials and Testing: Key Solutions for Mil/Aerospace Electronics Systems
Dave Saums, DS&A LLC

A major failure mechanism for electronic systems is inadequate heat dissipation, both from individual components and at the system level. Heat is the single largest cause of failure, with vibration and dust and other environmental factors as examples of other factors. Understand the issues and learn how to mitigate…read more

Tutorial #2 (1400-1730)

Overview of Microelectronic Component Specs for Military and Space Electronics
Lawrence Harzstark, Aerospace
Peter Majewicz, NASA Goddard
Ron Demcko, AVX

This three-hour overview class is intended to focus on the myriad of specs available to component engineers working the field of microelectronics. There are many legacy and emerging mil and commercial specifications to select form and they can be very confusing and overwhelming to the inexperienced user…read more

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Introduction and Conference Kickoff (1030) - Tom Green CMSE Chair

Keynote #1 (1030-1120)

Session #1A (1120-1300)
Passive Components for Military and Hi Rel Space Systems
Session Chair: Daniel West, AVX Corporation

Surface Mount Wet Tantalum Capacitor Technology
Jon Rhan & Mike Mosier, Vishay

Hybrid Capacitor Technology for Hi-Rel Applications
Misha Pierre-Mike, Evans Capacitor Company

Vendor Application Notes (1300-1330)

Panel Discussion (1330-1500)
Status, Risks and How to Use Alternate Grade Products for Military and Space Application (1.5 hrs)

EEE parts suppliers are struggling with supply chain, cost and obsolescence issues. This directly impacts Military/Space OEMs ability to get timely, cost effective, reliable components for their projects. The panel for “Alternate Grade Parts” will discuss the various alternate grade parts that are potentially available (i.e. Automotive grade, COTS, and PEMS) and the risks/rewards associated with them vs established Military and Space grade parts such as, Class S microcircuits or Mil-Prf-55365 capacitors.

Points of Discussion:

  • Various flavors of alternate grade parts
  • Strategies for use of automotive grade and PEMs for Mil/Space
  • Pros and Cons of alternate grade parts

Allyson Yarbrough, Aerospace Corp
Yuri Freeman, KEMET
Mark Porter, NASA JPL
David Locker, US Army

Sultan Lilani, Integra Technologies

Format will be a 5 to 10-minute presentation by each panelist and 45 minutes of Q&A.

Student Session 1 (1500-1600)

NEW for CMSE in 2021! Competitions and Valuable Prizes!

This year at CMSE 2021 we plan to focus time on students and young professionals planning a career in the military and aerospace industry as component process or quality engineers, designers or researchers.

Conference is FREE for grad students, undergrads and young professionals (3 years since graduation) already working in the field. Email amber@tjgreenllc.com from your school email address or company email address to receive a coupon code for free registration.

Special Events for Students, PhD Candidates and Young Professionals (3 years since graduation):

  • Dazzle us with your knowledge of an array of obvious, fascinating or little-known facts about space and electronics! Trivia Contest Rules
  • The cutoff date for the Student Trivia contest is Mon, April 19, 11:59pm Pacific. In order to participate in the contest you must first email amber@tjgreenllc.com and register for the CMSE event as an attendee at no charge using the coupon code provided.
  • Talk to us about a career in the military/aerospace industry during a special interactive panel on the last day. Ask questions regarding career paths and job opportunities of seasoned professionals currently working in our industry. Start to network and build relationships with others.

Vendor Application Notes (1600-1630)

TopLine Corporation (1600-1630)

Session #1B (1630-1750)
Passive Components for Military and Hi Rel Space Systems

Click presentation title to review abstract. Final program subject to change.

Keynote #2 (1030-1120)

Technology Assurance for Space Systems in an Age of Rapid Diversification
Dr. Jonathan “Jonny” Pellish, NASA’s Electrical, Electronic, Electromechanical, and Electro-Optical (EEEE) Parts Manager

Session #2A (1120-1300)
GaN for RF and Power Focused Session
Session Chair: Tom Terlizzi, Agile Microwave Technology Inc.

GaN and SiC for RF and Power Management
Scott Harris, Vanguard Electronics Company

Why GaN in Space?
Shengke Zhang, Ph.D

CMSE Invited Speaker (1300-1400)

Panel Discussion (1400-1500)
Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology for power and high frequency components

Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology for power and high frequency devices is an  emerging technology for military and space applications. This technology is used in power semiconductor devices as well as RF and high frequency microwave components.  This interactive panel discussion with industry experts will explore how military and space applications can take the advantages GaN technologies to develop more efficient and higher performance electronic systems.

Paul Hebert, International Rectifier HiRel Products, Inc.
John Scarpulla, The Aerospace Corporation
Keith Benson, Analog Devices, Inc.

Gary Lerude, Microwave Journal

Format will be a 5 minute presentation from each panelist to state what they see as the technology issues followed by 45 minutes of interactive Q&A with conference attendees.

Student Session 2 (1500-1600)

Dazzle us with your knowledge of an array of obvious, fascinating or little-known facts about space and electronics (see Student Session 1 on Tuesday)! Trivia Contest Rules

Vendor Application Notes (1600-1630)

Gel-Pak (1600-1615)
Hesse Michatronics (1615-1630)

Session #2B (1630-1750)
Reliability Session
Session Chair: Robert Lowry, Electronics Materials Consultant

DoD / Aerospace perspectives on the transition to Lead free solder technologies!
Anthony J. Rafanelli, Ph. D., P.E., Fellow ASME, Raytheon Technologies

Proactive Concepts for Selecting and Applying Parts/Components, Materials, and Processes (PMPs) for High Reliability Applications

Click presentation title to review abstract. Final program subject to change.

Session #3A (1000-1120)
European Union Session COTS Focus
Session Chair: Tomas Zednicek, Ph.D., EPCI European Passive Components Institute

Keynote #3 (1120-1200)

Physical Assurance and Inspection of Electronics
Dr. Navid Asadi, University of Florida

Globalization has made the semiconductor industry more susceptible to trust and security issues. Hardware Trojans, i.e., malicious modification to electronic systems, can violate the root of trust when the device or systems are fabricated/assembled in untrusted facilities. As the imaging and failure analysis tools excel in the resolution and capability, physical inspection-based methods become more attractive in verifying such trust issues. On the contrary…read more

Session #3B (1200-1340)
Supply Chain and Security
Session Chair: Rick Rodriguez, Raytheon Technologies

Electronic Component Authenticity via Electrical Signal Measurement and Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning
Yung-Hsiao (Steven) Chung, Global ETS-USA; Feng Yu, Global ETS-USA; Junjie Xiong, University of South Florida; Stephen E. Saddow, University of South Florida

Vendor Application Notes (1340-1440)

AVX Corporation (1340-1355)
ES Components (1355-1410)
MicroCircuit Laboratories, LLC (1410-1425)
Q-Tech Corporation (1425-1440)

Session #3C (1440-1600)
Thermal and Miscellaneous Topics
Session Chair: Professor Robert Dean, Auburn University

Student Session 3 (1600-1730)

  • Participate in an interactive Industry/Student panel where you can ask questions of seasoned professionals and explore career opportunities in the aerospace industry
  • Trivia contest and awards ceremony
  • Closing remarks by Tom Green

Click presentation title to review abstract. Final program subject to change.