CMSE Logo23rd Annual Components for Military & Space Electronics Conference & Exhibition

April 16-18th, 2019

Four Points by Sheraton (LAX)
Los Angeles, California

Advance Program

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Tuesday, April 16th – Tutorials

1200 – 1300

Sit Down Lunch

0800 – 1200

Moisture in Microelectronics… Volatiles Control in Hermetic Electronic Components
Thomas Green, TJ Green Associates LLC
Robert Lowry, Electronic Materials Consultant

The tutorial includes a basic review of the Mil Spec test methods in place to prevent moisture related failures in military and other systems where functional reliability is of utmost importance (e.g. IC’s, Hybrids, MEMs, Class III Medical Implants, Optoelectronics, etc). It’s intended to enlighten the student on the negative, and sometimes catastrophic, consequences of too much moisture inside a hermetic enclosure. The class begins with a definition of hermeticity and a description of the latest hermeticity test methods in MIL-STD-883 TM 1014 and associated mil/space spec limits, along with IGA (Internal Gas Analysis) and the latest developments in TM 1018. Moisture failure case studies with significant consequences in terms of cost, schedule, loss of mission and system downtime will be reviewed.

1300 – 1700

Advanced Integrated Circuit Packaging and Reliability Issues
Richard Rao, Ph.D., Microchip Technology, Inc.

This short course provides a holistic understanding of all aspects of reliability failure mechanisms of an advanced IC packages. It covers advanced packaging technologies such as Flip Chip BGA, Wafer Level packages, 2.5D/3D Packages and Cu pillar and wirebonding; and their reliability failure modes and design solution.

0800 – 1700

Passive Component Reliability Workshop

Dr. Yuri Freeman, KEMET
John Marshall, AVX Corporation
Chris Reynolds, AVX Corporation
Scott Harris, Vanguard Electronics
Bryan Yarborough, Vishay Dale Electronics

The Passive Component Reliability Workshop course will be presented in three sessions covering capacitors, inductors and resistors.

Tantalum & Electrolytic Capacitors (Dr. Yuri Freeman, KEMET), MLCC & EMI filters (John Marshall, AVX Corporation) and SuperCapacitors, Film & Thin film capacitors (Chris Reynolds, AVX Corporation). Students will gain an understanding of capacitor construction and how performance characteristics are affected by time, temperature, voltage and frequency.  The Inductor performance, reliability and selection session will be taught by (Scott Harris, Vanguard Electronics). This session will outline the basics of magnetics from an RF and power inductor and transformers point of view.  Resistor theory, performance & reliability will be taught by (Bryan Yarborough, Vishay). Resistor types and materials will be discussed relative to component performance. Read more.

Wednesday, April 17th – Conference and Exhibits

1100 – 1930

Exhibitor Hours

0800 – 0810


0810 – 0840

Keynote Address

MLCC Shortages: FY 2019 Tier-To-Tier replacement Strategies and Alternative Reference Design Solutions
Dennis Zogbi, Paumanok Publications, Inc.

This global market presentation offers a fresh look at the current market shortage in multilayered ceramic chip capacitors (MLCC) and offers the audience solutions based upon a tier-to-tier analysis of all known MLCC vendors by Case Size; followed by additional suggestions for solutions to the MLCC shortage based upon alternative capacitor case sizes for alternative reference designs…read more  

Called a “National Treasure” by the former undersecretary of defense- Dennis Zogbi is the founder and lead researcher at Paumanok Publications and the author of more than 300 studies on the global market for passive electronic components and related raw materials. Mr Zogbi advises many of the largest hedge funds in the world in the area of mass produced and specialty electronic components and speaks on Wall Street on a monthly basis. He is dialed in to primary and secondary resources worldwide and has deep contacts and sticky customer relationships with companies, agencies and institutions in the USA, Japan, Germany, Korea, France, greater China, UK, central Africa and Canada. With his work with Leon Hamiter and CARTS MR Zogbi has presented market intelligence reports to the passive components industry in multiple locations worldwide. Mr Zogbi has also been Keynote speaker at EDS, ECIA Stats, CARMs and multiple other industry events. Mr Zogbi has written Marketeye for TTI/Berkshire Hathaway since 1999. Today Mr Zogbi will be discussing the shortage of MLCC and how it fits into the 30 year big data set that Paumanok has provided the global markets since 1988.

Session #1: Passive Components for Military and High Rel Space Systems – Presentations

0840 – 0905

Stable and Reliable Supply of Tantalum, Now and Going Forward
Roland Chavasse, Tantalum-Niobium International Study Center (T.I.C.)

0905 – 0930

0930 – 0955

0955 – 1010


1150 – 1345

LUNCH in the Exhibits Area

1345 – 1445

Panel Discussion: Mil/Aerospace Talent Gap… How to Attract and Retain Young Engineers (1 Hr)

Rick Rodriguez, Component Engineering Mgr., Raytheon Missile Systems
Roz Morrison, HR Manager, Raytheon Missile Systems
Dr. Michael Hamilton, Auburn University, Director, Alabama Micro/Nano Science & Technology Center

Tom Green, TJ Green Associates LLC

The purpose of this open panel discussion is to bring into focus divergent views on the industry wide problem of an aging workforce in the Military and Aerospace. The “gray beards”, as they’re known, are leaving our industry and a large gap in both talent and experience has emerged that is slowing our ability to grow and meet the challenges of building reliable next generation weapon systems…read more

1445 – 1510

Termination cracking in MIL-PRF-55342 Chip Resistors
Mike Cozzolino, Raytheon Company

1535 – 1550


1550 – 1615

Embedded Thin Film Nickel-Phosphorus Resistors
Bruce Mahler, Ohmega Technologies, Inc.

1615 – 1640

A Case Study of Grain Slippage in Wirebound RTDs
Mike Cozzolino, Raytheon Company

Session #2: RF and Power GaN Technology – Presentations

1640 – 1700

Space Qualification of GaN HEMTs -Guidance Document Announcement
John Scarpulla, The Aerospace Corporation

1720 – 1740

Power Enhancement Mode GaN HEMT update
Jim Larrauri, Freebird Semiconductor

1740 – 1800

Eutectic Die Attach for High Power GaN Devices
Casey Krawiec, StratEdge Corporation

1800 – 2000

Welcome Reception in Exhibits Area

Thursday, April 18th – Conference and Exhibits

1000 – 1400

Exhibitor Hours

0800 – 0830

Keynote Address

Flexibility and Innovation in Military Systems
Jonathan Ahlbin, MDA

In an era of near-peer competition, the development of military systems need to become faster. To achieve this goal, industry and government need to use innovative collaborative processes to ensure the systems meet performance, reliability, and availability requirements…read more  

Dr. Jonathan Ahlbin is the Missile Defense Agency, Division Chief for Parts, Materials, and Processes Engineering (Acting) and the Branch Lead for EEE Parts Engineering. In these roles, he is responsible for implementing and managing the team that oversees all MDA BMDS parts, materials, and process requirements and policies that include Counterfeit Parts, Part Selection and procurement, Screening & Qualification Criteria, Failure Analysis, Radiation Hardness Assurance, and Materials Engineering. Dr. Ahlbin has a BE, MS, and PhD in Electrical Engineering all from Vanderbilt University. He has published over 50 papers in the areas of microelectronic reliability, radiation survivability, and supply chain risk management. Previously, Dr. Ahlbin worked for USC-ISI as a Senior Electrical Engineer supporting research and development programs for DARPA, IARPA, and DTRA.

Session #3: Advanced Packaging for Military and Aerospace – Presentations

0855 – 0920

System in Package Technologies for Space Applications
Doug Sheldon, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

0920 – 0945

0945 – 1010

MIL-PRF-19500 Appendix J: Inclusion of Plastic Encapsulated Discrete Semiconductor (PEDs) Devices for Military Applications
Benny Damron, NASA/Jacobs Space Exploration Group (JSEG)
Ronan Dillon, Microchip Technologies

1010 – 1025


1025 – 1050

1115 – 1140

1205 – 1335

LUNCH in the Exhibits Area

Session #4: Component Technology Reliability Issues and the Trusted Supply Chain – Presentations

1335 – 1400

Copper Bond Wire Reliability & Decap Challenges
Aaron Lecomte, Raytheon Company

1425 – 1450

RGA & Lid-Seal: Waivers, Woes & Wants
Andy Moor, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems

1450 – 1505

Lid Voiding Hermeticity
Rich Richardson, MicroCircuit Laboratories

1505 – 1530

SCHURTER Fuses for Space
Bruno Zemp, Schurter Electronic Components

1530 – 1555


1555 – 1620

Predictive Maintenance
Ed Dodd, DfR Solutions

1645 – 1710

Biodegradable Electronics Packaging
Robert Lowry, Electronic Materials Consulting


Conference Ends