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TJ Green Associates is uniquely qualified in all aspects of microelectronic device assembly, materials/process development, failure analysis, inspection, and defect recognition. We provide microelectronics training and microelectronics consulting services that will enable you to identify problems before they happen and determine the appropriate cause and corrective actions in order to maximize production yield and eliminate field failures in mission critical applications.


microelectronics training and microelectronics consulting and hermeticity and wire bondingA veteran-owned small business, TJ Green Associates provides teaching and consulting services to companies around the world with expertise in hermeticity, materials and processes used to assemble hybrid microcircuits, multichip modules, microwave hybrids, RF/MMIC modules, MEMS, Class III medical implants, optoelectronics, and other types of packaged microcircuits.

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 New Release Of Mil-Std-883 Visual Inspection Criteria (free download)

Minnowbrook 2014: "Hermeticity Testing Correlation Issues" (free download)

TM 1014 UPDATE and Hermeticity Spec Change  (free download)

Practical Guide to MIL-STD-883 TM 1014 (SEAL)  (free download)

Why Three Monolayers Of Moisture Are Important (free download)

 Howl and Mann Flex Method Calculator  (free download)




Hermetic vs. “Near Hermetic” Packaging - a Technical Review  (free download)

Non-Hermetic Packaging For Military And Aerospace  (free download)







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