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Wire Bonding Certification

Wire Bonding Certification


Wire Bonding Certification




Course Outline

This three-day course is a combination of classroom and "hands-on" exercises conducted at the wire bonder designed to teach the basics of manual gold ball and wedge wirebonding. The goal is to teach the process of wirebonding, which includes the wire, tool, machine settings and operation, work stage and operator skill. Especially important is how to troubleshoot a wire bond problem and get the process back on track. The instructor shares his numerous years of experience and provides insightful tips that help build confidence. Students develop a functional understanding of the wire bond process along with important quality and reliability considerations for hi rel military and medical products. In addition to bonding, the students also learn the important visual inspection criteria and how to properly perform wire pull/ball shear testing.


This course is intended for new wire bonders, but many experienced bonders and process/quality engineers have taken the course and learned a great deal. The classroom training is open to anyone, but the "hands on" activities are limited to 3 or 4 students at a time due to logistical reasons.


Course Outline


Day 1 - Classroom Activities (AM Session 0830-1200 hrs)


The Wire Bond Process
Thermosonic gold ball bonding
Wedge bonding
Ribbon bonding
Thermocompression bonding
Deep access wire bonding
Heavy gage wirebond processes
Material properties of the bonding wire
Wire bonding tools
Selecting the proper tool
Factors that affect the wirebond process
Review of Mil spec visual criteria
Source requirements


Afternoon Session in Lab with Operators and Inspectors (see below)


Day 2 - Classroom Activities (AM Session 0830-1200 hrs)


Review and Discussion from Previous Day


Review of Wirebond Defect Photos (wirebonds good vs. bad)
Wire bond defects and related materials and process parameters
Die bonding processes and what to look for at wirebonding
Common cleaning process used prior to wirebonding
Wire bond pull testing
Destruct pull test and Mil spec limits
Non-destruct pull testing

Ball shear testing per the ASTM test method


Afternoon Session in Lab with Operators and Inspectors (see below)


Day 3 - Morning Session in Lab with Operators


Classroom Activities (PM Session 1400-1630 hrs)


Review from Previous Day
Wire Bond Pull Testing
Ball Shear Testing
Wirebond Yield and Reliability Problems
Establishing a Bond Window using Design of Experiments (DOE)


Lab Exercises "Hands-on" Skill Development, Set-up and Troubleshooting


Bonder Equipment Set Up and Review

Wire Bond Demonstrations: How to Make Good Bonds

Setting the Stage Height

Clamping and Hold Down of the Product

Student Wire Bond Exercises: Exploring the Effects of Power, Time and Force

Pull Testing/Ball Shear Testing
Visual Inspection and Instructor Feedback
Changing Tool and Wire


Student Wire Bond Proficiency Demonstration

Wire Bond Skills Check Off Sheet

Establishing a Bond Window
Design of Experiments to Establish a Process Window (optional)
Wirebond process control


Visual Inspection Exercises
Stereo zoom (60X)
High power bond inspection


Course Summary

Student Examination Test and Review

Student Feedback and Course Critique



Meet the Instructors:


Tom Green's bio.



Rick Bailey: This class will be taught along with a seasoned co-instructor Rick Bailey. Having 35 years experience in the micro-electronics industry, Rick Bailey offers a back ground that includes hybrid manufacturing management, applications development, wire bonding experience, die bonding experience, pull/shear test experience as well as micro-electronics equipment sales and service experience. Rick Bailey has worked for Sports Timing Technology, Integrated Networks Inc., Mech-El wire and die bonders, West Bond wire and die bonders, DeWeyl Tool Company bonding wedges, F&K Delvotec wire bonding-die bonding and pull/shear testing equipment. Rick now combines his 35 year background to run his own sales and consulting company ...... Baitech Solutions LLC.





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