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Singapore Wire Bonding Course

Singapore Wire Bonding


Singapore Wire Bonding Course


Singapore - February 27, 2014 - Register Here


Wire Bonding Theory and DOE (Design Of Experiments)

(1 DAY)


This course is intended for those interested in understanding the basic theory of wirebonding from a materials and process perspective.  The instructor will explain the underlying material science behind forming a wirebond interconnect and walk through several “real world” DOEs to show how wirebond schedule settings can be optimized by running carefully controlled experiments. These important skills will enable engineers to return to their workplace and improve wirebond yield and reliability in the customer applications.


Course Outline


The Wire Bond Process:
    Thermosonic gold ball bonding
    Wedge and ribbon bonding
    Thermocompression bonding
    Deep access wire bonding
    Heavy gage wirebond

The theory of wirebonding
    Wirebond metallurgy and intermetallic formation
    Plating processes and the affect on wirebond and reliability

The science behind common cleaning processes used prior to wirebond
Material properties of the bonding wire
Wirebond Yield and Reliability Problems
    Factors that affect the wirebond process

Brief Review of wirebond visual criteria
Wire bond pull testing
    Destruct pull test and Mil spec limits
    Non-destruct pull testing
Ball shear testing per the ASTM test method

Establishing a bond window using Design of Experiments (DOE)
    DOE Step-by-step guide to setting up and conducting an experiment   
    Review of industry case study wirebond DOE’s 


Based on availability of equipment...A demonstration of high speed the automatic wirebonding  used to assemble RF microwave modules will be conducted in the advanced applications lab at Palomar Technologies Inc.   Students will have an opportunity to observe state-of-the-art wirebond equipment sets up close and ask questions of the experts. 

Student Feedback and Course Critique


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