Stay ahead of your competition and keep your engineering and technical staff current by sharpening your skills with our leading-edge seminars that cover a variety of subject matter critical in the field of microelectronics packaging. These multi day seminars are usually held at a name hotel or professional training facility and are available to anyone in the industry. Our more popular seminars are scheduled multiple times around the country and overseas, there is sure to be a training session that will meet your organization’s needs.

  • Learn more, quicker, with intimate class sizes of no more than 12 students typically.
  • Our instructors possess years of experience in industry and pass on valuable lessons learned in the classroom.
  • With our training, your employees will become more skilled and better able to do their jobs — that means less revenue lost to careless mistakes.
  • Each course comes complete with its own hard copy student workbook and often includes a student test at the end.
  • Every student earns a training certificate upon successful completion of the seminar.
  • Subscribe to our Workmanship eBook and receive a discount on your next seminar.

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