CMSE Logo24th Annual Components for Military & Space Electronics Conference & Exhibition

April 21-23, 2020

Four Points by Sheraton (LAX)
Los Angeles, California

Advance Program

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Tuesday, April 21st – Tutorials


Coffee and Danish Provided in Classroom

1200 – 1300

Sit Down Lunch

0800 – 1700

Volatiles Control in Hermetic Electronic Components

Thomas Green, TJ Green Associates, LLC
Robert Lowry, Electronics Materials Consultant
Richard Kullberg, Active Materials

This tutorial includes a basic review of the Mil Spec test methods in place to prevent moisture related failures in military and Hi Rel systems where functional component reliability is of utmost importance (e.g. IC’s, Hybrids, MEMS and sensors, Class III Medical, Optoelectronics, etc). The focus is on hermeticity testing per MIL-STD-883 TM 1014 and the latest developments and understanding of RGA (Residual Gas Analysis) per TM 1018. Hydrogen mitigation strategies and methods will also be reviewed…read more

0800 – 1200

Thermal Materials and Testing: Key Solutions for Mil/Aerospace Electronics Systems

Dave Saums, DS&A LLC

A major failure mechanism for electronic systems is inadequate heat dissipation, both from individual components and at the system level. Heat is the single largest cause of failure, with vibration and dust and other environmental factors as examples of other factors. Understand the issues and learn how to mitigate…read more

1300 – 1700

Capacitor Reliability Seminar

Dr. Yuri Freeman, KEMET
Ron Demcko, AVX

The Passive Component Reliability Workshop course will be presented in three sessions covering capacitors, inductors and resistors.

This tutorial will be presented in two sections. The first 90 minutes covers tantalum & electrolytic capacitors presented by Dr. Yuri Freeman. The second half of the session covers a wide range of technologies ranging from ceramic to film, stacked modules and SuperCaps presented by Ron Demcko…read more

1700 – 2000

Overview of Microelectronic Component Specs for Military and Space Electronics

This three-hour tutorial is scheduled for the evening hours and is free of charge to anyone registered for the Conference…Come and learn. Light snacks and drinks provided.

Lawrence Harzstark, Aerospace
Peter Majewicz, NASA Goddard
Ron Demcko, AVX

This three-hour overview class is intended to focus on the myriad of specs available to component engineers working the field of microelectronics. There are many legacy and emerging mil and commercial specifications to select form and they can be very confusing and overwhelming to the inexperienced user…read more

Wednesday, April 22nd– Conference and Exhibits

1100 – 1930

Exhibitor Hours



Keynote Address

Dr. Jonathan Pellish

Technology Assurance for Space Systems in an Age of Rapid Diversification
Dr. Jonathan “Jonny” Pellish, NASA’s Electrical, Electronic, Electromechanical, and Electro-Optical (EEEE) Parts Manager

Being a member of today’s aerospace community can be exciting, confusing, and scary – sometimes simultaneously. As assurance engineers, commodity specialists, and designers, we face an array of challenges concerning the proper selection and acceptance of electrical, electronic, electromechanical, and electro-optical components. The ability to design, build, and successfully operate blended systems with varying degrees of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and military-aerospace grade components is no longer innovation, it is a requirement…read more

Session #1:  Confirmed Presentations

Automotive Capacitors Procurement for SME Space Hardware Manufacturer Case Study
Tomas Zednicek, Ph.D., EPCI European Passive Components Institute

1150 – 1330

Lunch in the Exhibits Area

Session #2:  Confirmed Presentations

Panel Discussion: Status, Risks and How to Use Alternate Grade Products for Military and Space Application (1.5 hrs)

Rod de Leon, The Boeing Company
Allyson Yarbrough, Aerospace Corp
Gary Reichmuth, Texas Instruments
Yuri Freeman, KEMET INC

Sultan Lilani, Integra Technologies

As the supply chain diminishes for Military Grade or Space Grade products or the cost and lead times go up to procure such products, users are starting to explore and use such alternate grade products as automotive grade or reduced screened Mil Std products. The goal of the panel is to discuss the benefits and risks associated with using alternate grade parts for Military and Space application. Panelist will share their experiences and overall perspective on how they have used Alternate Grade product or how they see them being used.

Format will be a 5 to 10-minute presentation by each panelist and 45 minutes of Q&A.

Hybrid Capacitor Technology for Hi-Rel Applications
Misha Pierre-Mike, Evans Capacitor Company

1800 – 2000

Welcome Reception in Exhibits Area

Thursday, April 23rd – Conference and Exhibits

1000 – 1400

Exhibitor Hours


Keynote Address

Dr. Navid Asadi

Physical Assurance and Inspection of Electronics
Dr. Navid Asadi, University of Florida

Globalization has made the semiconductor industry more susceptible to trust and security issues. Hardware Trojans, i.e., malicious modification to electronic systems, can violate the root of trust when the device or systems are fabricated/assembled in untrusted facilities. As the imaging and failure analysis tools excel in the resolution and capability, physical inspection-based methods become more attractive in verifying such trust issues. On the contrary…read more

Session #3:  Confirmed Presentations

Supply Chain Research and Analysis: Illuminating Risks in Complex Systems
Jonathan Root, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The Supplier-Customer Interface
Bob Lowry, Electronics Materials Consultant

LUNCH in the Exhibits Area

Session #4:  Confirmed Presentations

Multi-Project Wafer Sort and Inspection Applications
Sarah Parrish, Royce Instruments

Copper Ball Bonding Reliability
Lee Levine, Process Solutions Consulting, Inc.


Conference Ends