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Singapore Pre Cap Visual Inspection Course

Singapore Pre Cap Visual Inspection


Singapore Pre-Cap Visual Inspection Course


Singapore - February 28, 2014 - Register Here


Pre Cap Visual Inspection per Mil-Std-883 (TM 2017)

(1 DAY)


Hybrids/MCMs/RF Microwave Modules all require a visual inspection step just prior to encapsulation or hermetic seal. This is a critical process step that requires a high degree of operator skill and understanding of what to look for and reject as part of the inspection process. This course defines the inspection criteria based on traditional Mil Spec requirements in conjunction with industry accepted best commercial practices. Over 200 color photographs of actual production defects are reviewed and discussed in detail. The students are exposed to a variety of defects and how the defects relate to the materials and process flow. Inspection checklists are used to simply the criteria and focus on the major problem areas. Students learn what to look for as part of Pre Cap visual inspection and how to interpret and apply MIL-STD-883 criteria.


The course is intended for quality assurance personnel, inspectors, lead operators and others responsible for inspection of the hardware prior to the final package sealing process.


Course Outline

Hybrid Materials and Processing Overview
    Review of terminology

General Inspection Guidelines and Procedures
    Visual inspection requirements flow down
    MIL-PRF-38534   MIL-STD-883  TM 2017  TM 2010

Pre Cap Visual Inspection Criteria
    Defects related to wafer fab, saw and break, probe test etc.
    Thick film/thin film substrate defects e.g., cracks, chipouts
    Laser Trim defects
    Epoxy die attach, fillet criteria for active and passive elements
    Eutectic solder attach
    Epoxy attach of chip capacitors and chip resistors          
    Wirebond defects, e.g., excessive squash out, heel cracks, misplaced bonds, etc.
        ball bonds, wedge bonds, ribbon bonds and heavy wedge aluminum

Foreign Material Identification and Contamination Control
External Visual Inspection Criteria
Course Summary
Student Examination Test and Review
Student Feedback and Course Critique


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